Rock Creek

Rock Creek is the trout stream that runs right through Red Lodge.  It is an amazing fishery with a healthy population of trout.  South of Red Lodge the West Fork, and Lake Fork of Rock creek race out of the Beartooth Mountains to join the Main Fork of Rock Creek.  All are great trout streams, full of 6 to 10 inch rainbow and brook trout.  There is plenty of access on the Custer National Forest.  I consider this to be the upper creek.  All of my Rock Creek guided trips take place on what I consider the lower creek, from Red Lodge north towards Joliet.  The creek is a little larger in size down here, in some states it would be called a river.  The gradient flattens out a little as well. Compared to the boisterous pocket water of the upper creek, the lower creek has a more classic riffle-run-pool composition.

Although Rock Creek is an incredible fishery, it is not for everyone.  First off, I will only guide one angler at a time on the creek.  This provides a better quality experience for the angler.   Second, for many people the wading is challenging.  The runs are spread out, so you need to be able to cover some distance on rough, slippery terrain. (It has been likened to walking on greased bowling balls.) It is not impossible, lots of people can do it, but some are surprised at how tricky it is.