Stillwater River

The Stillwater River usually clears from run off and becomes fishable before the Yellwostone.  For that reason we can fish this river most of the summer.  The clean, cold water cascading out of the Beartooth Mountains into the valley below holds great numbers of rainbow and brown trout.  The average size of these fish is 12 to 13 inches with many larger fish available.  We float the Stillwater in a raft, custom rigged for fishing.  We split the day between wade fishing some of the better runs and fishing from the boat as we float between those runs.  I am flexible, realizing that some people prefer to fish from the boat while others may prefer to do more wade fishing.  We will customize our day on the river for your enjoyment.  The Stillwater River has a great variety of water from smooth dry fly slicks to choppy riffles to boisterous, tumbling pocket water. It is a great river to hone your abilities as a fly angler.  For those who do not want to float, wade trips are available.  Floating is, however, recommended to access more water further from the public access points

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