Guided Trips/Rates

Full day guided trips are available on the Stillwater, Yellowstone and Bighorn Rivers.  Most of my full days are float trips, as that gives us the best access to good water.  The rate is for one or two anglers.  I never send more than two anglers out with a guide as I feel it doesn’t provide a quality experience for anyone.

Half day as well as full day wade trips are available on Rock Creek.  Trips to the creek  are for one angler per guide only. Rock Creek is not for everybody, the wading is challenging to most, the rocks are slick, and to be successful you need to be able to cover quite a bit of ground/water. Please click on the link for Rock Creek for more information.


Yellowstone, Stillwater, Bighorn Rivers Full Day Trip: $500 per day for one or two anglers.

Rock Creek Full Day Trip: $450 for one angler

Rock Creek Half Day Trip: $350 for one angler


I can accommodate larger groups.  I never send out more than two anglers per guide as I feel it does not provide a quality experience.  If you have a big group give me a call and we can make the arrangements for a fun day on the water.

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